Landschute is a family business led by Jon Monson, AIA, and his wife Mary. Sons Mike and Jonathan are indispensable key players.  Landschute is committed to designing and building properties that stand the test of time - that fit naturally into their surroundings in both scale and style while being responsive to the goals of their clients.  We are historically minded and look to the storied past for much of our inspiration - creating a timeless version of the modern living space.  Whether new construction or renovation of an historic structure, we delight in details and traditions.  Landschute is unique in that we are the architect and builder - allowing us to orchestrate every aspect of a project from inception to completion.  Everything we do is custom and we only build from our designs, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind property.

It is often asked where the name Landschute comes from.  It all started in 1975, when Jon visited the medieval town of Landshut, Germany as part of the University of Minnesota's architecture program (Landschute is the americanized spelling, according to Jon's German architecture professor).  Jon was inspired by the city's rich building traditions that he saw firsthand as a young student, and his vision as an architect became one with a unique appreciation for the detailing, craftsmanship, warmth, texture, and enduring style of the old world influences.  The integration of architect and builder according to the old master builder practice was also an important factor in Jon's formative years, which he has carried on through his licensure as both an architect and builder.  With these historical qualities in mind,  Jon and Mary Monson have the name of that very special town in Bavaria in the forefront of their minds as they design and build homes and commercial buildings in their native Minnesota.