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July 6, 2011

Low impact homes

Recently we had the pleasure of giving a tour of the Don Shelby home that we’ve been working on to some up and coming high school reporters. That tour and the interviews that went along with it make up a small part of the excellent article written by David Gustafson that can be found in the July 5th, 2011 Twin Cities | Region section of the StarTribune.  An excerpt of the article is below.

Low-impact homes not just for high-profile people

Article by: DAVID GUSTAFSON , Eden Prairie High School

“Shelby’s builder, Landschute of Excelsior, will put up a house that is almost twice as energy efficient as the typical code standard for a green home.

Shelby said he will spend close to $1 million to bring this relatively modest house to the environmental gold standard. But homeowners don’t have to start from scratch to effect energy efficiencies and savings. Joe Paetzel, from Landschute, suggests these steps:

• Add more insulation in attics and between walls.

• Supplement the home’s electrical requirements with photo voltaic (solar) panels.

• Replace regular light bulbs with LED bulbs.”

For the full article, please click here to head over to the StarTribune.

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