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June 30, 2011

2011 Remodelers of Merit Awards

“Earning a ROMA Award is a coveted honor for remodelers,” says Bob Michels, 2010 BATC Remodelers chairman.  “Being judged a winner by a group of fellow remodeling professionals takes your credibility to a higher level when communicating with customers.  Knowing your project has been judged the best by remodeling professionals is truly rewarding.” – BATC

Awarded 2011 Total House — Over 2,500 square feet

Project name: Lakeview
Location: Deephaven, MN

This historic property was built as a summer home on Lake Minnetonkafor hardware baron T.B Janney in 1892.  In 1941, the home underwent a large remodel at which time it  also became winterized.  The once shingle style exterior took on the appearance of a more formal clapboard home with Federalist influences.  Inside, the majority of the original woodwork and character were removed and replaced with a more streamlined 1940’s aesthetic.  The 1960’s kitchen was very utilitarian and out of sight from the lake and main living areas.  With a clear vision for what this house could be, the new owners welcomed the challenge to update and enhance this home while leaving its architectural integrity intact.

The interior of the home was broken up into many different rooms.  It lacked an updated floor plan and modern amenities found in new construction.  In redesigning the plan and repurposing spaces, most interior bearing walls were altered or removed.  This created the necessity for steel beam reinforcement both to bear the load from the walls removed as well as to stiffen and straighten various floor systems that were sagging or under-framed.  There were also two entire floors, the basement and attic levels, that were underutilized and had never been finished space.  Neither of the these levels had ever been mechanically roughed-in, but when finished, would add an additional 1,739 SF to the home.  Also, most windows were original from the 1892 construction and there were not very many of them.  With the flooring, there was no consistency of materials used during past remodels.

The main goal of this project was to bring back the feeling of a vintage lake home.  We incorporated formal spaces with informal spaces, and doubled the amount of windows in the home, taking full advantage of the spectacular lake and park-like views.  Extensive built-ins, wood and beamed ceilings were added along with original Douglas Fir floors pulled up from various parts of the house and re-laid on the main level.  The home also lacked an open, family friendly floor plan.  This was resolved by adding two bedrooms, a full bath, and a living area to the attic level, finishing off the basement, creating a stunning master suite, and opening the kitchen to the main floor living area.

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